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A rapist reconciled
How the vision of a man imprisoned is now bringing hope and restorative justice to ex-offenders in Zimbabwe.

A light in dark places
Pastor Julio Gonzales is not letting his severe sight problems obscure his vision for Lima Evangelical Baptist Seminary and its neighbourhood, with BMS World Mission support.

A glorious day in prison
Prisoners in Mozambique told that Jesus loves them and is a God of second chances

“The lame walk”: Rehabilitation in Nepal
It’s not every day you hear the story of a life transformed – of despair becoming hope, and of a future re-discovered. Today, BMS World Mission worker Megan Barker told us such a story.

Time for a change in Brazil
Millions of people have taken to the streets of Brazil to call for social justice – the Greenwoods, BMS World Mission workers, have been part of the action.

Can we beat hunger? Five reasons why we can.
BMS World Mission is fighting on many fronts to defeat hunger.

The Church in Asia: a privilege to see
Margaret Gibbs reflects on the last six years as BMS Regional Team Leader for East Asia.

A light for their path: Bibles for Russian young professionals
Young Christian professionals in Russia are desperate to share the word of God with their peers. Will you help them?

Equipping Christian leaders to transform the Arab world.
BMS World Mission sponsorship of students at a Baptist seminary in Beirut is helping them serve their churches and communities in often hostile places across the Middle East.

Cambridge church helps Ugandan café get online
Jambo! café in Kasese, Uganda, is now an internet café thanks to a team from St Andrews Street Baptist Church in Cambridge.

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